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    北实剑桥英语课程本学期有三个教学班,分别为小学、7年级和8年级共30多名学生。教材来自全球顶尖学府英国剑桥大学,是由该校顶级语言专家团队亲自编纂, 教材图文井茂, 话题清新启智, 教学方法多样, 激发学生潜能。将剑桥英语与国内英语教材自然融合,不仅保证孩子国内应试英语的能力,更可通过小组讨论、课堂参与、拓展阅读、学术写作及公共演讲等多元教学法来全面提升学生的英语综合能力与人文素养。

The Cambridge English course in Beishi has three classes this semester, with over 30 students in grade 7 and grade 8. The textbooks compiled by the top language expert team of the university come from the world's top institution, the Cambridge of University. They are so featured with the illustrations, fresh enlightening topics and various teaching methods as to stimulate the students' potential. The natural integration of Cambridge English with domestic English textbooks will not only ensure the children's ability to take English tests at home, but also improve students' comprehensive English ability and humanistic quality through multi-teaching methods such as group discussion, class participation, extended reading, academic writing and public speaking.



All our students from three classes with a term’s hard work , havereceived dramatic results . They not only make a great improvement in the aspects of English listening and speaking ,but also  become more confident to take part in different themes of activities and games of our English club , debate with our three foreigner teachers , and make study and fun naturally integrated.The benefits from study will be obtained by small kids with big dreams .




Our term-end parties are separated by primary department and secondary department .The 1st part of our schedule is to hand out their Term-end Test and announce their test results ,which are focused on listening and speaking skill for secondary students and speaking skill and vocabulary for primary students respectively .They all seem to receive pretty good results ,or at least achieve improvement from smiles on their faces ,Well done!


Cambridge English Final Test for secondary department

七年级 Grade 7&八年级Grade 8



Our foreigner teacher ,Trish ,together with our Chinese teaching assistant based on their overall performance this term ,gave them a very critical comments and positive suggestion from aspects of  listening ,oral English ,attendance ,understanding and positiveness ,wishing them to keep it up and achieve better progress.



探索、学习、珍惜、成长 ,





All students from primary to secondary level receive an improvement in different aspects.We wish them to hold a firm goal,neither conceited nor rash,exploiting to the full favourable conditions and enhancing unfavourable ones.

Exploring ,learning ,

cherishing and growing up ;

Never immerse in the past , 

never fear stepping into future ;

Running ,jumping and flying ,

Never stop challenging ;

Improve together

and grow up together !



An end of a course , homework must be certainly assigned to them. Appropriate homework specially during such a long summer vacation will both help them review what they learned for this semester and at the same time enrich their holidays life .Therefore,boys and girls get ready for your learning holidays with fun!


Homrwork for primary students


Homework for Grade 7 students


Homework for Grade 8 students



Then next came with the most favourable part of this party for primary students: playing games while drinking, which were designed by our foreigner teachers. Meanwhile, they ate snack, had drinks ,cheered together and wished together to enjoy themselves.


When it came to secondary department ,they prefer to have a talk about what they thought and share their stories,dreams, summer holiday plan and homework in English, with full of confidence and courage ,which wasn’t expected at the beginning of the course.They are doing well good !



At last ,we together reviewed what we have learnt for this semester. Meanwhile we start to open the new page for next term.In this half year ,we have successfully completed the course for 7th grade , 8th grade and the half year‘s study task for primary  respectively,asking students to focus on English speaking and listening in addition to learning new words and sentence patterns. Additionally, under the guidance of our foreign teacher Trish ,another two British English Teachers of English clubs and Chinese teaching assistant, we organized a weekly English club activities, English speech contest, outdoor classroom activities and common English scenario simulation practice and other activities, also encouraged students to sign up for the next semester's national Cambridge English level test to let the them really learn what knowledge they need and enjoy the need from the learning platform.




When Chinese students

meetwitty foreign teachers

what sparkle will they shine ?


From Next term ,our Cambridge English elite class will adopt Cambridge math and Cambridge science into our class as well , which is considered to improve students' comprehensive English level and expand its international thinking, being naturally integrated with the basic education of the domestic elementary school and junior high school in the different education stages.On the basis of satisfying their domestic exam-oriented education needs , the students will gradually construct and further improve their subject knowledge structure in the commonwealth education system.


So,join us in next term ,let us tell Chinese stories in English ,and try to speak to the world in English !